HHVM 3.30 initiates the departure of PHP


In preparation for HHVM 4.0, Hack / HHVM’s open source team is taking final steps to phase out PHP support.

As announced , HHVM 3.30 releases the latest release of the Facebook Hip Hop Virtual Machine, which is still compatible with PHP. If you expect release 4.0 at the end of January 2019, Hack / HHVM’s open source team will completely forego PHP support. Until then, the new hhvm.enable_php = false option is available to disable support for files beginning with <? php . This should give developers the opportunity to check their hack projects for hidden PHP dependencies.

In addition to some bug fixes and improvements in HHVM 3.30 but also new features have been incorporated. Traits can now also implement closed interfaces and the developers want to have increased the performance of C \ first , C \ first_key , C \ last and C \ last_key on containers. In addition, HHVM now provides list restructuring of class constants-for example, if the class constant is a tuple.

In the future, the open-source team of Hack / HHVM wants to concentrate more on the further development of their own hack language. Associated with this is a typically higher speed of development for dynamically typing languages, so users will have to adapt to more frequent releases. In addition to phasing out PHP support, additional features are marked as deprecated. For example, goto will not be needed in hack files in the future. This restriction can already be activated in the Type Checker via the disallow_goto .hhconfig option.

An overview of all further planned changes and a summary of the changes in HHVM 3.30 can be found in the announcement in the HHVM blog.


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