12 ways: How to drive traffic to your website 2019

How to drive traffic to your website 2019

In a nutshell, the Internet is becoming fuller and richer in content and content of all kinds. Statistics from the company Qmee clarify what happens on the Internet within 60 seconds. Among other things, YouTube is enriched by 72 hours of video, 204 million emails are sent, 571 new websites created, 347 new posts written in WordPress and 2 million searches launched on Google. And, mind you, in just a minute. With all this content, it’s admittedly very easy to go down with your own web presence in the data nirvana. Nevertheless, there are many ways to drive traffic to your website. In this article we have collected for you 12 such ways.


1. A good website needs three things: content, content and content

This variation of the famous Billy Wilder quote (“A good movie needs three things: a good script, a good script and a good script”) is the key to more traffic for your website. It is extremely important that the offered content meets various criteria. First of all, he has to be unique in the net. Google wants to avoid duplicate content necessarily, which is why, for example, shops that sell the same products and get an item description from the manufacturer should rewrite them as possible. Because what Google does not want are ten websites on the start page, all of which have the same content. But exclusivity is far from everything. The content must also provide website visitors with added value. For this he must be high-quality and just blogs should always provide fresh content. Only if the content is interesting, informative and always up to date, this added value is ensured. After all, high-quality and unique content is not just about improving its ranking in search engine rankings, but also paying tribute to its readers and returning visitors for its ability to cope with the huge oversupply that exists on the Internet Stay true to the page.

2. Video Marketing

Of course, we have already worked out several times that the inclusion of video content on websites increases the traffic due to many factors. Especially in our last article, we have analyzed the human brain a bit and explained why visual representations have significant advantages over plain text. People also love videos and like to share them on social networks, which in turn leads to more traffic for you. In general, you should take action in the context of video marketing measures from the field of video SEO. For example, if the video is hosted on YouTube or Vimeo, you also have the option of being found directly through these sources. In short, video marketing is essential if you want to increase your traffic. Partly because it makes your website more interesting for visitors.

3. Call-to-action

Clear calls to action that you give your visitors along the way can also increase your traffic. A call-to-action is mandatory especially in the field of video marketing. Incidentally, we explain in more detail how you do that in this article. Needless to say, call-to-action is not reserved for video marketing alone. Facebook also offers a default call-to-action function for corporate pages, which you can also use to attract visitors to your website. In any case, it is recommended that you set up your own landing page on your homepage for call-to-actions outside of your website. This is how the success can be measured directly. Always use embedded hyperlinks.

4. General SEO measures

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) commonly means search engine optimization. With the above-mentioned 2 million search queries at Google per minute, it makes sense to bring your web site as meticulously as possible to a search engine friendly level. After all, websites that do not make it to the start page get results that are significantly less traffic than the front-runners. However, it is important not to automate the measures for SEO, but to implement them yourself. Google in particular attaches great importance to the fact that the top results displayed are really helpful for the person who made the search. Accordingly, the quality of the content of the website has to stand out clearly from the competition. Likewise, basic SEO measures should be done properly. These include well-chosen titles, meta titles, key words, accurate texts in the descriptions, carefully filled headers and, of course, a focus on long tail keywords.

5. Links

Of course, it may be obvious, but external links can logically boost traffic to your website. It is definitely recommended to get together with your direct competitors or large representatives from your niche. Because linking high-quality pages with high Google rankings to your website will also have a positive effect on your own ranking. Conversely, assuming that content has much added value, linking it to your partner is also very interesting for the other party. Such reciprocal links are quite a win-win situation. Of course, you have to be careful. Of course, stealing each other’s customers is not in mutual interest. Similarly, links from poor quality sites without embedded hyperlinks may well be penalized by Google.

6. Newsletter and e-mail campaigns

You can also significantly increase your traffic with elaborately produced newsletters via particularly large e-mail distribution lists. Here you must be careful, however, that the newsletter also provides real value and does not look like plumper advertising. Because if the e-mail has a spam character, hardly anyone will read it attentively. Incidentally, our explanatory video is again an optimal measure in this context. Read our article on how to improve your newsletter with Video Content. If you have few addresses in your mailing list, you should read the next tip carefully.

7. Tenders, raffles and competitions

By putting a bit of money into your hands to offer attractive prices or possibly giving away products from your shop, the traffic on your website can temporarily increase remarkably as well. It is therefore all the more important to retain the short-term gain in visitors through attractive content on your website in the long term. Incidentally, no matter what competition or competition you organize, you can always collect the participants’ e-mail data, which in turn will give you a larger mailing list in order to place high-quality newsletters.

8. Reduce loading times

To shorten the load times of your website, there are numerous tricks. For example, the Google PageSpeed Insights tool can be extremely helpful here. Especially pictures, videos and animations can increase the loading time. It is a good idea to take the time to put all the content in the right format and compress it. Shorter load times are not only pleasant for your visitors, but are also a small but fine factor for the ranking in search engines.

9. Social networks

Basically, it is always very useful if you are also represented on your website in Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Reddit, Tumblr, Stumbleupon or Pinterest. A regular twittering or posting on Facebook can generate traffic as well as sharing or re-tweeting of noteworthy or interesting posts by others. Also, just in the latter portals so-called social bookmarks can be very profitable for your traffic. Especially if you can arouse the interest of the members of these portals by good content and these in turn share your page or bookmark.

10. Advertising measures

Advertising advertising costs admittedly money, but is still an effective way to increase your traffic. In this regard, there are a variety of measures. From banner ads in portals, to purchased items on the Google homepage, to short commercials or impressions on YouTube videos, a lot is possible on the internet. What many people exclude completely in the digital age these days is offline advertising. Especially if you work in a niche or your company also wants to be regionally relevant, you can also fall back on well-tried advertising methods in the offline world. This can be an advertisement in the regional newspaper, a poster or even a flyer in the bar around the corner.

11. Posts as a guest blogger

For example, you can also ask large blogs from your niche if you are not even allowed to publish a guest post there. Of course, this must then be designed so that it is interesting for the regular readers of the blog, but still tailored to your own core competence, so well-placed links in the guest post on your website can increase your traffic. Many big blogs are extremely open-minded to such guest articles.

12. Forums, Good question, Yahoo Answers

By being active on the Internet, you can also get more traffic through links here and there to your website. Although this method is very time-consuming, it can still be worthwhile. It is important that you always make helpful contributions in forums. If it fits the question, then for example, links to blog posts from your website can be placed on exactly this topic, which will certainly be appreciated. The same applies to question-answer portals such as GuteFrage or Yahoo Answers. Whenever a question arises here, to which you can give a helpful answer, which refers at the same time to further information of your web appearance, you not only reached a short-term traffic, but are also found over these pages again and again, if users with the same question via Google Search, first land on these question-answer portals.

Conclusion: more traffic through online marketing

With the possibilities shown, you can sustainably increase the traffic for your website. However, one important point to keep in mind is that some methods are free and time-consuming, while others cost money. If you do not have your own internet marketing department, which consists of several employees, you will hardly be able to realize every single method for increasing traffic. Therefore, concentrate on a few points and implement them more meticulously. The supreme discipline is to find an efficient way for the money spent and the time invested to bring the greatest possible success. However, do not forget that the most important feature for ranking is the quality and unique content that is always available to Google.

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